Sheila Rowell

17 Jul, 2017
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Sheila Rowell

Position: Client Welfare

Background: In the UK I worked as a Quality Control Officer in an engineering firm, mostly office based work, but also dealing with customers inspectors arranging visits. Transport etc.

I was also in the RAF for several years in Air traffic Control

I have lived in this area for 13 years, and joined the charity at its inception in in 2011, but began in 2010 when we were recruiting volunteers.

Initially I was the co-ordinator for volunteers and clients arranging assessments along with the nurse, deciding what help was required and allocating volunteers to the relevant client to help.

In the last 12 months I have been Vice President and also Welfare officer, my role now is mostly office based, but still cover assessments when required.

As Vice President I have been involved in all of the Executive Committee decision making .

We have discussed how to find solutions to help in our local community and have helped many people in our area from the Homeless to people going in/coming out of hospital, the elderly and infirm living in our area of Spain who have asked for our help.