Joan Waddington

10 Apr, 2019
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Joan Waddington

Position: Coordinator for Help at Home (Costa Blancas) Quesada branch

Background : I started my working career in the UK being office trained in secretarial and banking duties. Prior to retiring to Spain in 2003 I had my own business employing staff and dealing with the general public.

I started the Quesada branch of Help at Home (Costa Blanca) 6 years ago.

We are fortunate to have a group of volunteers who have a variety of life and work experiences which add to their understanding of the difficulties many of our client’s experience.

Together with Jacky Jones, our assessor, I visit people in our wider community to assess their requests for help/advice and where appropriate we arrange for our volunteers to provide support for up to 6 weeks.

I monitor the support and review the client’s needs. Where necessary we offer support for longer periods depending on our available resources.

Help at Home ( Costa Blanca) is a much needed charity for our ageing population. I am glad that we are able to provide a much needed service to our community.