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Care Agency advice and guidance

For a number if reasons, Help at Home do not provide personal care.

However, we have contacted several local reputable and legal carers and care agencies.

We can liaise with these services and offer advice and guidance on the most suitable and cost-effective way to receive care in your own home.

Help at Home have negotiated reduced rates of personal care for our clients.

Take a look at our information about how to find the safest and best care for you.

Questions to ask a home care agency

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advice on social services

Social Services and Welfare Benefits

Help at Home cb are able to assist clients with information about the Spanish Social Service system.


We are able to make appointments and offer support with these meetings.

Certain welfare benefits are available from the British Government, we have experience of these and can assist with completing the forms.

Citizens Rights ENG

Citizens Rights ES


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Companionship / Befriending

There are many residents in our areas who are lonely or who are going through difficult times. We have volunteers able to offer their experience and  companionship.

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Help at Home cb, are able to assist our clients with their shopping. We can offer short term support and after our usual assessment we will try to help.

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A little help in the house

After assessment we will have some knowledge of a client’s needs and will try to offer help whether in the house or the garden.

Do some shopping , help clean and tidy, walk the dog,

If we can – we will.

This is as always subject to a suitable volunteer being available with the time required.

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respite care

Respite Care

This service is for those who are unable to get out of the home, maybe they are looking after a husband/ wife/ partner.

We would try to find a suitable volunteer who could spend time at the house, enabling the carer a few hours of free time.

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Transport to medical appointments

Once it has been established that the person is unable to get to hospital appointments through lack of mobility or no transport, we have volunteers who will drive the clients to clinics and hospitals.

Then we can also assist clients with visits to the town hall, to organise or renew documents.

We can arrange transport to important meetings, if clients are able they may make a small donation.

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