Fashion Show 3rd July

lucy 2:00 pm-5:00 pm

As we continue to raise funds for our new project to purchase 5 defibrillators and training from Red Cross, we have organised a Fashion Show at the Emerald Isle on Tuesday 3rd July.

All the clothes worn by our volunteer models will either be from our donations to our shop in Playa Flamenca or from the Clothes on sale at the small shop in the Emerald Isle.

We have teamed up with many other like minded local charities and people to raise funds to buy defibrillators for our 5 local police cars and contribute to the Red Cross training of the officers.

We have already raised 3,176 Euros from our presence at the Emerald Market, donations, and St Patricks Day, and our Reef Band Dinner Dance  and look forward to your continued support . We ask you to make a little time and please attend our events.


We have also been pledged by Help Vega Baja the tremendous sum of 1,500€ so lets all turn up and support this worthy cause.



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