9 Jul, 2022
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Here at Help at Home we are appealing to you and anyone you know for donations for our shop in Playa Flamenca.


We have had some massive sales of all of our goods which has depleted our stock and ask you to kindly root through your things and see if there is anything you could donate to our charity.

We need clothes, bric a brac, shoes, jewellery, ornaments, pictures as you know one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 🙂

The money raised has helped so many in our area and we offer so much more, it is a constantly evolving service we provide.  Here is a small list :-

* Families in need we have helped feed and clothe.

* Hospital beds for hire when folk have been discharged from hospital.

* Assisting patients who need help in their home after being ill.

* Transporting people to hospital and clinics for appointments.

* Helping people get into the Spanish social service system.

* Donating milk for children through the church.

* Installing mobility aids for those who need it.


We want to help as many as we can and with your donations and support we can continue to do this.


Thank you Lucy Treasurer