Fundraiser of the Year

29 Sep, 2018
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Fundraiser of the Year

Fundraiser of the Year

Some great news that we have been nominated for Fundraiser of the year by the Costa Blanca People newspaper for all the Volunteers and Supporters of Help at Home Costa Blanca -we thank you all.

helping those in need

Here are some of the reasons listed below


Cruz Roja


Given to the Red Cross towards buying a new ambulance.

Money was collected over 2 years, by our fund raising team. They like other parts of our organisation have changed over that time, but all have had the same drive and resolve to do their best to help others.

Originally we were going to purchase a van to take clients to hospital appointments, or out for the day. As we reached our target we realised that we had no need for such a vehicle, and not the infrastructure to manage it.

We then discussed it with the Red Cross, but they already have a similar vehicle and asked us to consider putting the money towards an ambulance. They cost €60,000 and Orihuela needed one as they only last for 10 years.

We then discussed where it would be located. At present there is not a suitable station in Orihuela Costa. However when the new services building is completed in La Zenia, there is a possibility that it can be used there.

Discussions are on-going for a suitable station.

The ambulance will be available for all in Orihuela and on the Costas.

It will have the Help at Home Costa Blanca logo and “In memory of Kathleen Vahey” who worked constantly for our charity, and in Ireland her home country.

The ambulance is currently being fitted out and should be in use this year. We will hold an event to show it off when it is completed.



100 a month for several months.

We have helped the local branch of Caritas in La Zenia. They regular supply food to those who have insufficient funds.

Their person in charge is Luis who telephoned us with their requirement. We then went out and purchased the goods usually food but sometimes toiletries.

We had assistance from one of our voluntary groups named the Red Hat Ladies. They continue to support us in all of our efforts.


San Jose Obrero


This is called an orphanage in Spain but in fact they look after many children who are from families who are unable to cope. In general the children live there during the week, and some go home at the weekends. We have supplied them with furniture, bedding, curtains, and clothes for the children. Including new underwear.

We assisted an appeal by Stevie Spit for new shoes and paid more than 50% of the cost.

At Christmas we gave them Christmas stockings, and with the help of a group called the Rendezvous ladies who supplied each child with fabulous new toys. The Van was full with parcels.




We were informed by 2 of our volunteers that there were a group of homeless men living on wasteland in Playa Flamenca. They asked if we could buy them a generator which we did. The volunteers are still involved through their church. We have occasionally helped them with food.


Christmas Parcels


6 parcels

At Christmas we always make parcels for our clients who do not have much money. These parcels include Chickens, Fresh Veg, Chocolates and items to make their Christmas a little more pleasant.

Two families have a card for monthly purchases in the charity shop.


Client in Rojales


Our Quesada group asked if we could help a lady in Rojales who had her leg amputated . A local bar Goyas raised €220 and HAHCB, supplied the rest to purchase a second hand mobility scooter


Client in Cabo Roig


Similar situation a client was unable to move without her mobility scooter and we helped her purchase a new battery.


Client in Cabo Roig € 260

Supplied a mattress ( from our stock).

Paid for glasses


Client in Quesada

Client being helped from the Quesada group, who needed some immediate support we purchased food on a weekly basis just for a couple of months whilst he was waiting for financial relief.


Tasha Appeal

Supported the appeal to raise funds for this campaign.


Nursing care


We have supported some clients over the last 12 months with payment towards nursing care. These are people who have needed personal care, and have not had sufficient funds to pay. Therefore we have worked sometimes with other charities the RBL, or Rafa to assist these clients.


Mission in Torrevieja

Helped a church mission in Torrevieja with some furniture for them to give to their clients, or sell in their shop.


Reach Out



After a visit to their premises by Esther and Patricia we were informed that they are refurbishing their kitchen . We also noted that they do not have much spare food in their store cupboard.

Help at Home CB, have now agreed to purchase an industrial cooker for them at a cost of €1,902.

We are also purchasing €100 of food weekly for them.


Police Cars


With CB People, F Raising for Defibrilators 5 for the Local Police Cars. 1 for new ambulance. Aiming for €10,000. Have €8700.