Easter Monday Support Tasha Appeal

4 Apr, 2018
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Easter Monday Support Tasha Appeal

On Monday we supported a truly amazing appeal for a young lady who needs to get treatment that only America can provide.

The local Community here in Orihuela Costa has been supporting the ‘Tasha Appeal’ since the 24 year old was struck down by four separate life threatening conditions. Tasha’s father, Andy Lynch, is desperately trying to raise over €200,000 to get Tasha to the US for specialist treatment for her rare mitochondrial disease

Over the last 2 years Tasha’s life has been devastated by these rare life changing illnesses – the mitochondrial being the primary disease but complicated by other rare secondary illnesses. She has gone from being the life and soul of the community, to fighting the biggest battle anyone of us could ever face – the battle for life.

Since her diagnosis the family has discovered information from a research hospital in America about a treatment of specialist tailored medication that could improve quality of life and possibly extend Tasha’s life expectancy. However, due to the treatment being tailor made for the patient, it is very expensive.

The disease has struck Tasha in such a devastating way that she is currently paralysed from the waist down, unable to breathe unaided and relies on a ventilator and tracheotomy, 24 hours a day. She is unable to swallow, and is fed through a tube. Blind in her left eye and light sensitive in her right eye, Tasha is even unable to support her own head unaided. But with your help, she could possibly be given a new, better and longer life.